World's Best Hoof Oil for Horses 500ml

World's Best Hoof Oil for Horses 500ml

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The Worlds Best Hoof Oil is an old Aussie favourite that has been used and trusted for more than 50 years, all natural ingredients including 5 oils and vitamins. Easily absorbed and to be used all year round.


Shake well.  Apply lightly to the hoof with the brush paying particular attention to the area on and just above the coronet band and the hoof wall, top to bottom.

With Saligari oil, Worlds Best Hoof Oil will help prevent the hoof drying out in summer and the cold and damp getting in during winter, while allowing it to breathe.

Normal Use/Maintenance

Use every second day after work, this can be adjusted according to the weather and if there is a drought, however under normal circumstances for a hoof in good condition 4 applications a week is more than enough even if the horse is being worked and washed daily. For non working horses this can be as little as 2 or 3 times a week. Apply to the frog and sole only 1 or 2 times a week. Again because it really works and goes in, too much can make the frog go soft. Oiling the sole/frog will aid in the reduction of concussion, in most cases and aid the "whiteline area".

Minor repair of broken or hard hooves or cracking hooves:

First week use 5 times a week, and then revert to normal maintenance. 

For very serious Grass/Sand Splits and Dried out/badly broken Hooves:

For the first 2 weeks apply top and bottom of the hoof once a day, reduce this to the top only paying attention to the coronet band for another 2 weeks, depending on the condition and severity in the first place, then adjust to the normal upkeep of 2-4 times a week for normal maintenance.