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Ranvet Salkavite

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Ranvet Salkavite is an electrolyte replacer with B group vitamins for horses engaged in hard racing, training, endurance rides and prolonged float trips.

Feeding Instructions:

Ranvet Salkavite  should be mixed thoroughly through the feed and use the included measuring device. One level measure holds 30g Salkavite.  May alternatively be added to drinking water daily.

Always ensure access to clean, fresh drinking water when using oral electrolyte supplements.  

Important Note

  1. Salkavite used as a pre-saline drench; Mix 160g Salkavite in 2L of room temperature water and stomach tube as a pre-event saline drench.
  2. The provision of adequate dietary roughage (hay) will aid the prevention of dehydration due to fibrous matter in the hindgut acting as a storage reservoir for water and electrolytes.  Horses must receive 1% of body weight daily in roughage provision.

Dosage Rates

Heavy work/endurance 30-60g daily (dependant on temperature, humidity, sweating rate), also advisable to supply an additional 30g Salkavite in evening feed following hard work; Travelling horses 60-90g prior to journey in addition to 30g in water during transportation; Stallions (during breeding season) 30g daily; Yearlings (sale preparations) 30g daily.