Kentucky Equine Research (KER) Restore

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Kentucky Restore is a scientifically formulated electrolyte supplement designed to match the composition of horse sweat and replace minerals lost in the correct proportions. 

Feeding Instructions

Feed 30, 60 or 90g (½, 1 or 1½ scoops) daily to horses, depending on sweat loss, environmental temperature and humidity. Based on a 500kg horse, adjust accordingly as required.

Mix Restore well with feed and split larger serves between feeds.

Restore can also be used in a saline drench by dissolving 60g in 5L of water for an isotonic saline drench.

Health and Safety:

Note: Consult your racing rules for use on race-days.

Note: Horses always need  free–choice access to fresh, clean water following supplementation with electrolytes. Consult your vet in the case of considering feeding electrolytes to a horse that is not willing to drink water.