Henna for horses greasy heel
henna for horses greasy heel
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Equine King Henna for Horses

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Greasy heel is one of the most difficult to beat horse ailments many owners struggle with, white legs and wet grass = painful scabs, wounds and infections. Have you tried ditching messy creams and painful scab removal and jumped onto the idea of applying Henna to your horse? 

In the endurance riding community it is a fairly common sight, orange legs won't suit show-ring horses obviously, but for horses in other sports, trail riding horses, turned out horses and the like, this product might be chemical free, affordable answer you are looking for.  

Henna Endurance Horse

Why Henna?

  • Works as a preventative and aid to cure greasy heel/mud fever. 
  • It is believed to help with leg swelling and could be very beneficial for performance horses.

Causes of Greasy Heel

  • Dermatitis, micro-organisms, allergies, photosensitivity, nutrition, irritants, and soil or bedding conditions.
  • Henna should also assist in rain scald cases as this skin complaint is caused by the organisms that cause greasy heel.
  • Other bacteria may also be involved in chronic cases.

Directions for use

  • Wash and dry legs/areas for application.
  • Mix required amount with boiling water to make a creamy paste
  • Leave mixture to cool slightly
  • Rub into areas while still warm
  • Leave for 3-4 days


  • No need to shave the legs/areas for application. Most of the scabs appear to be dead after 3-4 days. Wash legs/areas and dry with a towel in a circular motion to remove dead scabs.
  • Re-apply to the legs/areas if required, we have found two applications is generally enough.
  • Colour will stain white areas for a number of weeks.
  • It is recommended to always do a patch test before application.

*Photo Credit Animal Focus Photography - Pictured Eminem Vyper (Chestnut) and Turingal Park Vassili (Grey) from Greystone Endurance, (Equine King Before and After).