Horse Supplements for Fat Ponies in 2021

Horse supplements are not just for horses, ponies, fatty boombahs and those who have been given a dedicated Jenny Craig paddock need correct nutrient levels too. If you're dealing with Laminitis or Founder in Australia, it can be a time-consuming challenge even for experienced equine owners. The days of starving your fat pony are gone, first things first, call a vet! Laminitis can be life-threatening. The current recommendations are to remove the pony from pasture, and onto a hay only diet (soaked or tested hay). Once the laminitis has stabilised and lameness is reduced, supplements can be introduced. If you have been able to source batch-tested hay that is below 10% NSC in the initial phase or 12% NSC in the recovery phase, that's great, if not you can soak your hay to remove the sugars.

There are a number of balancer supplements suitable for laminitic and foundering fat ponies who are on hay only diets. Fat Pony is specifically designed to support recovery and aid in prevention. It is not recommended to feed in conjunction with pellets or other "hard" feeds as the vitamin and mineral levels may then be out of balance. It can be mixed with a small amount of suitable chaff or soaked sugarbeet pulp and fed in conjunction with a hay diet.

Supplements for ponies recovering from laminitis should include biotin for helping heal damaged hooves as a result of inflammation. Fat Pony is available in our online store here at Horse Supplements Direct and includes:
  • Prebioitics
  • Antioxidants
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Collagen and;
  • Biotin


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