Kohnke's Own Marathon Endurance 4kg Horse Supplements Direct Australia
Kohnkes Own Marathon Endurance
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Kohnkes Own Marathon Endurance

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Product Description

Marathon Endurance™ horse supplement is an ideal, all-in-one multi-vitamin and mineral solution for Endurance horses. It includes added Iron, Selenium, Vitamin E and Iron.  

Kohnke’s Own developed this supplement after many years of trials with high-level Endurance competitors and supports stamina and recovery for horses worked over long distance. It contains concentrated levels of iron and essential muscle antioxidants.

Kohnkes Own Marathon Endurance™ is a tiny pellet that can't be easily sifted out like powder supplements from your horse's feed. If your endurance horse is on a grain, chaff and hay based diet, this supplement covers off on trace minerals, vitamins, B12 folic acid, iron, vitamin E, selenium, B1 and magnesium this you have to add is add  calcium and salt relative to exercise needs!

Marathon Endurance can be used to make up shortfalls in the diet where extra grain is added to boost energy intake when a less than recommended amount of a ready-mixed feed is used as a ration base – feed 10g Marathon Endurance per 1kg of extra grain feed.

Marathon Endurance™ was formulated in conjunction with leading Endurance Riders.  Blended from 4 Supplet® pellets:

 Brown Supplet® Pellets   full range of trace- minerals.
 Golden-Yellow Supplet® Pellets  essential vitamins for metabolism and vitality.
 Black Supplet® Pellets  extra iron, B12 and folic acid to maintain blood and oxygen levels.
 Pink Supplet® Pellets  provides vitamin E, organic selenium, with vitamin B1 and magnesium to meet needs for long distance exercise.

Pack Sizes:

1.4kg 23-35 doses
4kg 66-100 doses
10kg 166-260 doses
20kg 333 – 500 doses