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Jenquine Bone Formula Forte is available in 5kg and 10kg and is a trusted calcium blend used and trusted by vets and horse owners alike. 

  • unique combination of Organic & Inorganic calcium.
  • suitable for all horses and ponies grazing pastures with soluble & insoluble oxalates

Bighead and osteoporosis are a constant risk from high phosphorus, oxalates and phytates in feeds such as cereal and grassy hays, grains, bran and sub-tropical grass (including buffel, panic, kikuyu and setaria) found throughout Australia. Only 20%-50% of horses with osteoporosis develop Bighead, other signs of deficiencies which have led to osteoporosis in horses include:

  • intermittent, shifting lameness
  • preference to canter instead of trot
  • reluctance to move forward freely
  • dental/chewing problems
  • poor condition
  • tendon & ligament problems
  • ‘bighead’
  • spontaneous fractures
Maintaining mineral intake throughout a horse’s life helps protect against dietary imbalances and musculoskeletal weakness.horses on a calcium deficient diet develop some degree of osteoporosis.


ANALYSIS (per kg):  

Calcium 302g, 

Manganese 3855mg, 

Copper 2010mg, 

Iodine 34mg, 

Zinc 3601mg, 

Selenium 6.6mg, 

Chloride 90g, 

Sodium  60g

Feeding Instructions (scoop contains 25g):

Weanlings, yearlings & ponies Improved pasture/lucerne: 25g–50g/day 

Other diets*: 50g–75g/day Pregnant & lactating mares, mature horses Improved pasture/lucerne: 50g–75g/day 

Other diets*: 75g–125g/day

This product does NOT contain restricted animal material. APVMA#: Exempt

Available in 5kg and 10kg