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Tuffrock Volcanic Earth Poultice 1.8kg, 8kg

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TuffRock Poultice is a topical, 100% natural preparation for use on horses with swelling, injuries such as ligament, muscle or tendon strains, windgalls and scratches. Super easy to apply and host off to reapply the next day. Aides wound healing by protecting from flies and providing soothing relief and reducing in swelling. 

Can be used daily after work as part of recovery, especially in endurance horses, eventing horses and racehorses. 

Horses readily accept poultice application, just apply a small amount to area of concern (no gloves required), then apply 5 – 7 mm thick the area. Please ensure cover extends to at least 2 inches outside the treatment area. 

Can be used without bandaging, or otherwise apply liberally, cover with damp paper, plastic and lightly wrap. Pressure bandaging is not required. 

Available sizes: 1.8kg and 8kg