Poseidon Equine Stress Paste 60ml

Poseidon Equine Stress Paste 60ml

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A concentrated 60ml nutritional formula designed to support your horses in times of acute stress. Such times may include when competing, racing, transporting or in extreme heat & humidity - these occasions can compromise gut health. Gut bacterial populations can change. Muscles and organs are at risk of damage with increased rates of oxidative stress.

Behaviour can become anxious and highly strung, and this behaviour then starts the stress cascade all over again especially when the stress causes horses to stop eating, then drinking and it is a vicious cycle.  

  • Each syringe is 60ml.
  • Horses weighing under 400kg: Give 30ml twice daily.
  • Horses weighing over 400kg: Give 60ml twice daily.
  • Feed Stress Paste up to 60 minutes before the stress event and then again 4 to 12 hours later.
  • Stress Paste is designed to be added to your horse’s feed at the recommended dosage.


Yeast derived prebiotic, magnesium hydroxide, vitamin premix with natural vitamin E, vitamin C, B vitamins, natural betaine, threonine, pectin, glutamine, proline, serine.