iO Linseed Oil Raw 1L

iO Linseed Oil Raw 1L

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IO Raw Linseeed Oil for horses (and dogs) is an Omega 3 supplement made from cold-pressed premium raw flaxseeds.

Why Feed Linseed Oil?

  • improves coat, skin and condition
  • improves energy levels (cool energy!)
  • can also be useful aid in weight gain or calorie boost for senior horses with dental issues

Linseed or flax is the only oil seed that contains roughly the same ratio of omega-3 fatty acids (anti inflammatory) to omega-6 fatty acids (pro inflammatory) as grass.

Active Constituent: A colourless to yellowish oil obtained from the dried, ripened seeds of the flax plant. Linseed Oil Raw contains omega 3 fatty acids and these help improve the glossiness of the coat and may help to eliminate skin problems.

Feeding Instructions:

Mix fresh with chaff or fibre feed and wet down if required.

Foal = 15ml

Yearling = 30ml

Adult = 60ml